Euro Basket : New European Record

Tuesday, September 15th, Lille France

This Euro Basket 2015 is breaking all the records of audience, it is the proof of its development in Europe.

26 135 spectators for the game France – Turkey in the Pierre Mauroy stadium of Lille, a game never gathered so many people for a basketball game in Europe.
Eurobasket is a great success, in total 560 000 persons came in the stadiums since the beginning of the competition.

In 2013 they were 328 000 in 2013 in Slovenia and 357 000 in 2011 in Lituania.

Television record:
In France, Canal+ Sport has the second best audience of its history with 700 000 spectators watching France – Turkey. And in Turkey, this game gathered 874 000 persons on NTV Sport, it is the channel 5th best audience this year.

In Serbia, 43% of market share for the game against Finland, in Germany the games reached 8.6% market share with an average of 1.46 million of spectators.

In Spain, an average of 1.8 million of persons, it is 29% in addition of 2013.

FIBA is growing up

These figures show how basketball is becoming a major sport in Europe, the success of the Euro Basket is a good sign that FIBA can organise competitions with top level teams in the old continent.
A good news for Adam Silver who still want to export the NBA in Europe.

(source : FIBA)

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