Were We Really Surprised by the AmeriLeague Scandal?

Glendon Alexander

Glendon Alexander (AKA Cerruti Brown)

October 27, 2015

Were We Really Surprised by the AmeriLeague Scandal?

Atlanta—-The AmeriLeague scandal that unfolded last week was another sad moment for the North American professional basketball market. However, looking at the state of the semi- professional basketball community “Were We Really Surprised”? Honestly, when I first heard about the league, I thought to myself here we go again with another overnight blunder. The current market of semi pro leagues in North America features over (20) different fly by night leagues that are managed by some legit and other not so legit sport business people. The majority of these leagues don’t have quality web sites and only a few of them produce legitimate statistics. Some of these leagues have imaginary teams and make false promises to the athletes who fall victims to their hype.
There are daily scams that prey on basketball players looking to play professionally overseas or to resurrect careers. The typical scam features an email being directed to an aspiring overseas player or coach stating that he has received a lucrative deal. The irony to the situation is that the players that do get caught in the con are having a difficult time landing an entry level job for $1500 per month. These players are so excited to land the fake lucrative opportunity that they don’t use common sense or do their proper research. I guess it’s called “Fools Gold”.
The victims of these basketball scams end up paying a contract verification fee anywhere from $500-$1000 dollars to an internet imposter. Thousands of athletes and coaches are preyed upon with these International basketball scams on a yearly basis.

The fools gold concept and hype of the new AmeriLeague was appealing to the basketball community and even got the NBA’s attention. Ten minutes of Google research would have saved agents, coaches and players the embarrassment and wasted time in dealing with the AmeriLeague opportunity. The con artist Glendon Alexander (AKA Cerruti Brown) knew that he would get caught and that the league would never take off. Arkansas legendary coach Nolan Richardson once described Glendon Alexander as “a troublesome person and a habitual liar. The guy has serious identity issues and his latest con was probably his greatest one. The media attention that he received for the Amerileague con was his primary objective. People like Glendon that are habitual liars have a different reality and only hurt people that believe in them the most. In most cases these individuals are bright, intelligent and creative that has the ability to impact any type of legitimate business. Glendon Alexander has spent time in prison for fraud and has a long history of legal issues.
After researching the whole story it makes you appreciate the NBA D League’s professionalism. There are only a couple of semi pro leagues in North America that are quality and provides verified statistics of its leagues games. The problem you have outside the NBA D League is the poor ethical behavior of the people that manage these so called pro leagues. The semi pro basketball community has a history of shady characters, leagues, bad management and other negative issues. A couple of other leagues outside the NBA D League with potential, television coverage and have a quality sports business infrastructure is the NBL Canada and the PBL.
The majority of overseas teams prefer only recruiting players directly from college, other quality international leagues and the NBA D League. The International executives know that there is hidden talent in some of the other North American professional leagues. However, they assume a serious risk of securing the wrong type of player due to the poor league infrastructure associated the majority of leagues in the industry. This same type of behavior extends into the overseas basketball exposure industry that is dominated by low level agents that monetize their business income by selling hoop dreams.

There are a lot of Glendon Alexander’s in the North American professional basketball community but their scams are typically a lot smaller and lack the upscale vision to rival the NBA.

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