2017 Global Basketball Summer League Announces MVP Profiles

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July 25, 2017

2017 Global Basketball Summer League MVP Profiles


The following are the profiles, scouting reports, GBSL stats and highlight links of the Co MVP’s of the 2017 GBSL. These players dominated the two sessions and are future high level professionals. The GBSL featured 50-60 players that will play professional basketball in the 2017-18 season.

The Global Basketball Summer League (GBSL) is scouting resource for professional coaches looking to employ talent for international leagues, NBA G League, NBL of Canada and other quality pro leagues in North America. The GBSL management committee is all former professional players and our scouting reports are very accurate based on our professional evaluation. This is our tenth year managing the Las Vegas summer event and scouting evaluations have been amazingly correct. In the past we have identified dozens of high quality players that were flying under the scouting radar that had lots of success in the NBA D League and quality international leagues.

If you are interested in one of these players the GBSL will put you directly in contact with the player or his representative. This scouting report will go out to over 7000 coaches, GM’s and agents in the global basketball community.


The GBSL MVP Profiles

Tim Coleman- Co MVP (Session A)

Position: 2/1
Size: 6’5” & 225lbs
2016-17 Team: New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)
ASUN Player of Week, Nov. 28-Dec. 4

Tim Coleman is a freak of nature left handed big guard (Baby Harden like that plays defense) that plays both the point guard and the off guard positions effectively. He has great basketball instincts combined with a big strong athletic body and a great jump shot. Tim creates off the dribble extremely well either for himself or teammates and can penetrate to the basket at will. He is more athletic that he appears and finishes often above the basket. Tim is also a tough and physical defensive specialist combined with a 7 foot wing span. Tim is a quality passer that sees the floor extremely well. Tim played the past season at NJIT where he averaged 13ppg and 7rpg during his senior season and averaged 14ppg and 8rpg while shooting 41% from the 3PT line his junior year. Tim had an outstanding college career at NJIT but played out of his natural position his entire college career due to his size, athleticism, physicality and rebounding ability. Tim illustrated to all of the professional coaches and scouts in Las Vegas that he is a quality combo guard.

Tim was the best player at the GBSL Session A event and he received multiple offers on the spot after scoring (30) points in the championship game. He is ready to play at a similar level to the BBL in Germany and the fact that he is a big strong athletic guard with nice handles and a great jump shot suggests that with experience he has the ability to play at the highest level of professional basketball. Over the years the GBSL has featured players like Mike James and Shane Lawal who are both current Euroleague players. Tim Coleman has the ability to follow their footsteps.

2017 GBSL Las Vegas Session A Stats:
19PPG; 5RPG; FG% 0.73; 3PT% .044

Tim Coleman College Highlights

Tim Coleman Contact
Tel: (908) 447 7301




Ricardo Artis – Co MVP

Position: 2/3
Size: 6’6” & 180lbs
2016-17 Team: Wiley College
Awards: 2017 NAIA All American

Ricardo Artis looked like a Kawhi Leonard prototype with endless energy in the GBSL Session A event and led his team to the Championship. He is a next level NBA like athlete that has a quality all around game and has an unreal knack to always be around the basketball. He gets a lot of steals and deflections due to his extreme quickness and 7 foot wing span. He runs the floor like a deer, plays defense, rebounds extremely well and scores in a variety of ways. Ricardo is a highlight film in waiting and has the upside potential to be playing in the NBA Summer League very soon. He has a great motor, work ethic, creates off the dribble and plays in a system. He was amazing to watch at the Global Basketball Summer League Session A event and plays above the rim. He is the type of player that will be playing high level overseas in a couple of seasons. He averaged 16ppg & 10rpg his senior season at Wiley College and was selected a 2017 NAIA All American. Once Ricardo improves his perimeter shooting and gets a little stronger he will be an elite level player. Currently he is a mid range jump shooter and is great at slashing to the basket.  Ricardo is a big time sleeper and will be a great asset for a European team looking for a dynamic wing.


2017 GBSL Session A Stats:
PPG 15.3; RPG 5.7; FG% 0.75;

Ricardo Artist College Highlights:


Ricardo Artis Contact
Tel: (512) 623-9625



Jeff Coby – Co MVP Session B
Position: 4
Size: 6’8” & 230lbs
2015-16 Team: Columbia University
Passport: Cotonu

Jeff Colby was the biggest surprise at the GBSL Las Vegas event and captured the attention of a France (Pro A) scout. As a Cotonu player, he would be a perfect fit for a Spain (LEB Gold) Team. Jeff has a pro body and is a good athlete with a very high basketball IQ. He handles the ball well for his size and is a quality jump shooter. Jeff has a quality inside game and a consistent jump hook shot combined with excellent footwork. Jeff is a quality (4) man with a high basketball IQ that understands how to play the game. Jeff played at Columbia University and had a sound career but his best basketball will be at the professional level. Jeff is also a great rebounder and a quality defender; he has a bright future ahead of him in Europe as a Cotonu player.

2017 GBSL Las Vegas Session B Stats:
PPG 14.7; RPG 13.0; FG% 0.44; BPG 2.0

Jeff Coby College Highlights:


Agent Contact (Bob Stanley)
Tel: +32 476 447 990


Adonis Filer – Co MVP Session B
Position:  Point Guard
Size: 6’4” & 195lbs
2014-15 Team: Florida Atlantic University

Adonis Filer is a super athletic PG with size and dynamic ball handling skills that has NBA potential. The scouts called him the “Hawk” at the GBSL Las Vegas event due to his immense on ball defensive skills. He is the best defensive guard that we scouted this year at the GBSL and is an excellent (2) way player. Adonis scores in a variety of ways and once he improves his shooting efficiency from deep he will be at the Euroleague or NBA level. He was the best guard at the 2017 GBSL and has the same type of potential of Mike James but is a better defensive player.

Adonis Filer began his career in the ACC playing the Clemson Tiger for (2) year prior to transferring to Florida Atlantic where he averaged 11pg and 3rpg his senior and junior seasons. He is good enough to play right now in leagues like Germany (BBL), Belgium or Italy A2. Adonis has the ability to be playing in the NBA Summer League team in the next couple of years and should develop his game either in a quality European league or in the NBA G League.

 2017 GBSL Las Vegas Session B Stats:
PPG 24.0; RPG 4.7; FG% 0.534; 3PT% 0.321

 Adonis Filer College Highlights

Agent Contact (KMG Sports)



The GBSL  All Tourney, All Big Man Team and All Cotonou teams will be announced in the next couple of days. These teams will feature over (50) professional players


GBSL Contact
Darryl Reshaw
USA: Tel: 877-209-2220


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