Digital Media Broadcast Combine

 Digital Media Broadcast Combine

“A perfect platform to get play by play and sports reporting film for your media reels combined with technical experience”

July 6th -12th

Doolittle Community Center (Las Vegas, NV)

 Global Basketball Summer League (GBSL) requires only (10) current sports broadcasting students or emerging media professionals to participate in the media combine. The opportunity provides the participants to gain unique hands on experience in the media & digital broadcast production of the (24) televised professional basketball games. The Global Basketball Summer League is the most prominent International event and partners with the NBA as a training platform for their emerging referees.

There is a very competitive selection process that is based on the media background evaluation of each participant. Applicants who have play by play, color analyst, sideline reporting and editing experience will be given priority.

The digital media & television production of the event provides participants with the following experience: sideline reporting, play by play & color analyst announcing, post game interviews, post game media recaps, professional camera, digital broadcast engineering, digital production, editing and developing special highlight features. The event features (24) NBA regulated games over (6) days with professional players and NBA referees

Gain Technical Experience with our Digital Media & Technical Producer
Bill Columbus the Vice President of Digital Media & Broadcast of AValive Inc will oversee the GBSL technical production of the (24) televised games. Bill’s technical expertise includes the following areas: Newtek Tricaster Webcast Specialist; Production of digital content; TV production services; NC State NCAA Div 1 Basketball Radio Producer Engineer; Sony Ericson Webcast; Video Event Producer; Livestream Webcast Specialist; Digital Signage Design & Integration; Avid Digital Audio & Video Media Specialist and Digital Signage Design & Integration.

Do you need play by play & color analyst footage?

  • The Combine offers (24) Televised Games over a (6) day period
  • All participants are required to experience the reporting and technical aspects of the event
  • Guaranteed play by play, sideline reporting, color analyst and technical duties

Get Broadcasting Experience and reporting content with our Media Broadcast Producer
Catrell Maclin is a former sideline television reporter for Global Basketball and currently works with ESPN and Ultimate Prep Television. He will oversee the media and broadcast reporting aspects of the combine. He is a skilled media professional with play by play & color analyst reporting experience combined with editing expertise. The Digital Media Broadcast Combine will feature other experienced media professionals to assist in the production process.

About Us
Global Basketball is a leading on-line media property that provides news coverage, internet television, information and events to the international market.  Our executive staff is associated with the most prominent international basketball and media related executives in the industry.

Our event objective is to provide a platform for our participants to gain exposure, contacts and experience in the sports business market. We utilize our industry contacts to assist all GBSL participants in the job placement process. The majority of the past GBSL media interns used their experience, content and contacts developed at the event to land significant industry related jobs.

The Opportunity:

  • Internet Television Production Experience of (24) Professional Games
  • Sports Journalism and coverage of (24) games & special writing features
  • Sideline Reporting with Live Camera
  • Gain technical video production equipment experience
  • Professional videographer and professional camera operating experience
  • Live Game Play by Play & Color Analyst
  • Live Game Broadcasting (Tricaster Experience)
  • Developing Special Event Features
  • Digital Media Production and Engineering
  • Editing and Graphic Development Experience
  • Post Game Media Recaps and Coverage
  • Supervised by Experienced Media Professionals


GBSL Media Highlights

Registration Information:


All selected registrants are required to pay the $495 registration fee, hotel expenses and travel costs to Las Vegas. The GBSL invest all registration expenses into the broadcast production of the event.

The GBSL has a special deal at the Golden Nugget Hotel for all participants that cost $50 dollars per weekday nights and $100 dollars on Friday and Saturday. We advise that all broadcast participants share a room and our staff will assist in the arrangement. The GBSL provides shuttle transportation to all participants from the airport to the Golden Nugget Hotel and back and forth to the venue for practices and games. The GBSL provides meals during for all media participants during working hours. All participants are required to be in Las Vegas from July 5th -12th.

GBSL Registration Link:

For any additional information or consideration to participate in the 2017 Digital Media Broadcast Combine at the 2017 GBSL, please contact our office immediately. Applicants are required to apply for consideration on the above link and are subjected to payment only after approval.


GBSL Contact
Darryl Reshaw
Global Basketball Inc.
Marketing Director
USA: Tel: 877-209-2220



Sports Reporters that benefited from the GBSL

Samantha Dewig – Atlanta Hawks Digital Media Team

She is a former Indiana University graduate that participated in the Global Basketball Summer League (GBSL) sports media internship program in 2013. She also covered the Atlanta Hawks for the GB media property and developed a great relationship with the Atlanta Hawks. They eventually hired her in 2016. Every year the GBSL uses a team of sports media interns and freelancers to provide color analyst, play by play and post game reporting of the GBSL games. Several former GBSL sports reporters have used the event platform and experience to secure significant jobs in the industry.


Kayla Williams – CP 24 in Toronto

Kayla covered the Atlanta Hawks for the Global Basketball Media property for a couple of seasons and also worked the 2014 GBSL event. The platform helped her develop sports related footage that landed other sports media opportunities for her. She does a lot with NBA TV in Canada and will continue to receive other significant media opportunities.

Derek Spallone -Hidden Diamond Sports

Derek is an upcoming sports reporter that worked from the GBSL and our media property in the past covering Team USA. Derek has a great personality and has a great future in the media industry.

Chase Senior – Channel 1450 Neuhoff Communications

Chase is a former Temple University graduate that completed the 2015 GBSL media team internship and did and outstanding job. He is currently working with Channel 1450 of Neuhoff Communications and covers high school sports in Illinois.


Catrell Maclin – ESPN Production Assistant – Sideline Reporter/Memphis Grizzlies

Catrell Maclin is a former media graduate from Memphis University and participated in the 2014 GBSL media internship program. Catrell is a former sideline television reporter for Global Basketball that covered Memphis Grizzlies NCAA Tournament games. He is currently working with ESPN and Ultimate Prep Television.


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