Dana Kendrid Signs in the Czech Republic (An Unique Story)

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July 24, 2015

Dana Kendrid Signs in the Czech Republic

The talented and explosive wing player from Las Vegas signs his first European contract in Europe after a tumultuous start to his career. Dana Kendrid is not the typical small market player that belongs in the North American Minor league market or in a European entry level league. His journey from high school to junior college to Morehouse College and the quest to play professional basketball has been quite an adventure. Dana was a NCAA Division 1 prospect that featured spectacular and explosive NBA talent. Folks in the Las Vegas basketball community are familiar with his legendary basketball antics ranging from his high school days to the current moment.
Dana experienced all of the typical off court issues similar to the majority of NBA talents that never reached their true college or professional potential. As a result, Dana opted his name into the 2010 NBA Draft in after only playing Junior College basketball and one year of experience at Morehouse College in Atlanta. He went undrafted due to being an unknown to the NBA scouting community and his only hope of playing pro basketball was to venture into the exposure camp market.

Dana Kendrid participated in several NBA D league combines and market leading exposure camps the past (3) summers. He is a Las Vegas resident which is the home of the international summer exposure camp industry. The majority of International exposure events in Las Vegas are managed by low-level agents focused on making additional revenue and offer no real opportunities for participants. Thousands of aspiring pro prospects flock every single year to Las Vegas hoping to secure an overseas basketball contract at one of these events.
The NBA Summer League attracts hundreds of International coaches to attend their annual event. The lower level coaches are forced to attend the legitimate peripheral summer exposure events to secure affordable talent. The International coaches that are familiar with the Las Vegas exposure industry and are actively recruiting imports suitable to their budgets make their rounds to the key events with the best talent. The most popular events over the past few years that attract the majority of quality International scouts include Harts Sports Management, Scorers First, Worldwide Sports Invitational and the GBSL.

Dana Kendrid participated in the Global Basketball Summer League the past two years and was spectacular in 2014 event. As a result, he was rewarded with (2) two offers after the 2014 event, one with the Brampton A’s (NBL of Canada) and the other with Sluneta Usti Nad Labem (Czech Republic). Unfortunately Dana did not posses a valid passport and the team from the Czech Republic did not have the time for him to process his passport request. Dana’s only option was to attend the veterans training camp of the Brampton A’s and he did not make the final roster due to lack of experience according to their former coach.

Dana did not play professionally in the 2014-15 season but his performances in the 2014 GBSL was legendary. He averaged 25ppg in both sessions and shot 54% from the field and over 40% from the 3-point line. He looked like a legit NBA D League prospect and was a highlight film in waiting. Dana participated in the 2015 Global Basketball Summer League and played but not to his 2014 level. Due to the birth of his new child and a full time working commitment you could see that his game was a little rusty and less efficient. However, there were glimpses of his exceptional gifts in the 2015 event and he still averaged over 20ppg in Session B.

Martin Stavel, the coach from Sluneta Usti Nad Labem (Czech Republic) also scouted the 2015 GBSL event but was only seen at the games Dana played in. Last summer Martin scouted all (24) games of the GBSL event that produced (70) current pro basketball players but was only interested in the services of Dana Kindred. James Dennis is the agent representative of Dana Kendrid and he stayed in constant communication with the coach of the Czech Republic team about Dana the past year. He is the pivotal figure that facilitated the opportunity for Dana.

As a result, last week Dana Kendrid signed with Sluneta Usti Nad Labem (Czech Republic) providing the talented player from Las Vegas a fantastic basketball opportunity. Being in a professional basketball environment will provide Dana the ability to fine tune his skills and to showcase his remarkable talent to the European market. The real question is how Dana will adjust off the court in a foreign culture and environment. The coach knows that signing Dana is risky but the potential reward is unlimited. Dana has all of the skills of an explosive NBA shooting guard and the Global Basketball Summer League was the perfect exposure platform for him. The GBSL hopes that Dana is mentally prepared and uses the opportunity to springboard his professional basketball career. Dana Kendrid’s association with the GBSL is unique and his story is uncharted. Besides Dana Kendrid there have been a variety of offers to the 2015 GBSL players from BBL England, Austria, NBL Canada, Mexico and Argentina. There will be other offers coming from Israel and a variety of other leagues coming in the next (2) weeks.

• The GBSL will be announcing the All Tournament Teams and completing the post event marketing of the event over the next few days.

• Due to popular demand there will be a GBSL New York City event on August 14-16th and the details will be announced on July 27th.

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