NBA Officiating Associated with The 2015 Global Basketball Summer League

NBA D League Referees







For Immediate Release

Las Vegas, March 18, 2015

The 2015 Global Basketball Summer League (GBSL) will be associated with the NBA officiating department. D-League officials, along with a group of FIBA officials will be assigned to referee the 2015 GBSL event in Las Vegas at the Doolittle Center (July 6th -12th).
George Tolliver the NBA Associate Vice President of Referee Development has confirmed the leagues involvement in the GBSL for the 3rd consecutive year. George is responsible for managing the officiating aspect of the GBSL and the NBA uses the event as a training platform for their developing referees. The event provides a summer development program for NBA D-League officials, as well as using the games as a teaching tool to FIBA officials. The league’s involvement is beneficial to all parties including the GBSL players.

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