Jaylen Brown Is A Pure NBA Talent

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Atlanta—–Jaylen Brown is a pure NBA talent. Saturday night at McCamish Pavilion in Atlanta, I went to watch the (6A) Semi-Final game of the Georgia High School State Basketball Tournament. Wheeler High School defeated Tucker High School in a competitive contest full of NCAA Division 1 prospects. Roy Williams and his assistant Hubert Davis were in attendance to scout the No. 2 Ranked Class of 2015 High School player in the nation Jaylen Brown. He definitely lived up to all of the associated hype and put on a spectacular performance.

Jaylen displayed some amazing basketball skills and athleticism on the night. He already has a pro body at 6’7” and 220lbs combined with long arms and crazy athleticism. During the course of the game he played point forward and displayed quality ball handling skills for his size. He is a quality passer that allows the game to come to him without forcing the issue. His ability to rise over defenders offensively and defensively is a little scary at times. Jaylen can shoot the deep ball, post up and has great footwork. He has a nice mid-range game and a high quality basketball IQ.

Jaylen had a couple of highlight plays that brought the crown to their feet on Saturday night. One time he went coast to coast weaving through quicker and smaller defenders using nice ball handling skills and finished the possession with an and one play. The next time he did the same thing but posterized a couple of defenders and brought the entire house down

After discussing his skill level with our in-house professional scout, we agreed that he is more advanced than Andrew Wiggins was during his only year at Kansas. The kid is a highly skilled athletic wing player that will benefit if he plays in the ACC. Not only will he be a one and done player but has the potential to make an immediate impact when he arrives to the NBA.

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