Interclube Makes It 3 Titles in Four Years At The ACCW.

3 X Champions

2013 Champions

Grupo Desportivo Interclube De Luanda basketball club of Angola defeated it city rival Primeiro D’Agosto basketball club by 61-60 points to win her third title in four years.

Interclube began the game with a 10-0 points lead early in the first quarter before Primeiro could reply but the champion went on to win the quarter by 22-11 points but a strong match-up from Primeiro in second quarter through the game open as Primeiro forward, Mozambique international Leia Dongue stepped a massive pressure on the Interclube players dominating the board and scoring at will as her club (Primeiro) took a one point lead at half-time as Interclube lost the second quarter by 15-27 (38-37).

The third quarter went Interclube way as they refused to give winning to quarter by 13-09 points to take a six points advantage going into the last quarter which was fiercely played by both side with Primeiro taking lead by one point with less than six second left on the clock, a time-out by the bench of Interclube thus change the face of the game as the players make good use of the time-out to turn things around with a buzzer shot to end the game in their favour to win their third Champions Cup (2010, 2011 and 2013).

Eagle Wings basketball club of Kenya won the third place with First Deepwater basketball club of Nigeria winning the fair-play trophy.

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