Curry, James battle for the title



Here we go again! The series we’ve all waited for since last season.  Tonight, the Golden State Warriors open up the 2016 NBA Finals as host to the Cleveland Cavaliers  in a rematch of a 2015 Finals that saw the Warriors bring the title back to the bay area.   However, if we look closely at these teams throughout the 2015-2016 year, we may find that the two combatants are not the “same ol” teams from last year’s final.


Let’s review…

Warriors took the crown in 2015

Warriors took the crown in 2015

The 2015-2016 Warriors entered the season as the hunted after capturing the title in dramatic fashion and looked to defend their title amid opinions that their success was a fluke and could not happen again.  The Warriors responded by setting a league record for wins in a season and entering the conversation of the greatest team of all time.  Stephen Curry won his 2nd straight MVP while Draymond Green and Klay Thompson cemented their names a bona fide stars in the NBA.  As each team took shots to knock the Warriors off of their throne, the champs continued to roll in impressive fashion and find themselves once again in position to capture the NBA title.

The 2015-2016 Cavs entered the season looking to build on year 1 of the new “Big 3” in Cleveland.  The cast of LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love led the charge for Cleveland throughout last season but injuries prevented the Cavs from having the trio against the Warriors in the finals.  With credit given to the Golden State for their performance, the Cavs have been bolstered by the idea that a healthy Cleveland team could fare much better in a series with the Warriors.  Cleveland attacked the season (namely the Eastern Conference) as if this idea was at the forefront.  As the wins mounted, the trust and familiarity of the trio and the team grew so much so that the Eastern Conference playoffs were a breeze for the Cavs.   However, with all of the success, one team prevented this group from being considered the best in the league and the Cavs will be paying a visit to this team for Game 1 in the 2016 Finals.

A healthy "Big-3" looks for revenge.

A healthy “Big-3” looks for revenge.


So now what?…

Golden State has incredibly found a way to improve on a historic season and despite being against the ropes against Oklahoma City, are considered unbeatable with their shot are falling.  The Warriors are fun, entertaining and most importantly, VERY good.  However, the champs are facing a much different Cleveland team from the team they faced in last year’s finals and even different from the Cavs they faced during the ’15-’16 regular season.  The Cavaliers are healthy and with the addition of key role player Channing Frye, the Eastern Conference champs are playing just as well or even better than Golden State.  This makes for what should be an epic matchup for the world to enjoy.  Will the “King” bring the title back to Cleveland as promised or will Curry and the Warriors create a dynasty conversation with their second title in a row? My opinion? Cleveland steals one from the champs at home, returns the favor in 6 and brings home the title for Cleveland.

Curry and James look to celebrate a series end.

Curry and James look to celebrate a series end.

But then again…I’ve been wrong before.


Cleveland Cavaliers v. Golden State Warriors

NBA Finals Game 1

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Oracle Arena, Oakland, CA


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