Global Basketball Summer League Media & Broadcast Development Camp

GBSL Broadcast & Media Production 1
Key Information:

GBSL Date: July 8th -14th, 2013, Doolittle Community Center in Las Vegas, NV

Global Basketball Summer League (GBSL) requires (6) current sports broadcasting students or media related professionals to participate in the GBSL Media & Broadcast Development Camp. The opportunity provides the participants to gain unique hands on experience in the media & internet broadcast production of the GBSL (24) televised professional basketball games. The Global Basketball Summer League features the best talent outside the NBA Summer League and provides the opportunity for players to showcase their skills to the most prominent scouts in the international market. The NBA Officiating department is associated with the upcoming event and will be using the event to train their NBA D league referees. The internet media & television production of the event requires sideline reporting, play by play announcing, post game interviews, post game media recaps, professional camera & lighting equipment, live game streaming, editing and the development of special highlight features of all 24 games.

Global Basketball is a leading on-line media property that provides news coverage, internet television and consulting to the international market. The Global Basketball Summer League (GBSL) is a market leading annual exposure event that provides job opportunities to hundreds of professional basketball players in the international market. The GBSL event provides exposure to upcoming players, referees, coaches, sports management and media professionals. Our executive staff is connected with a range of international basketball and media related executives. Our objective is to provide a platform for our participants to gain exposure in the professional basketball market. We utilize our established industry contacts to assist all GBSL participants in the job placement process. The majority of the 2012 GBSL broadcast interns used their experience and individual event video highlight reels to land significant industry related jobs.

The Opportunity:

• Internet Television Production Experience of (24) Professional Games
• Sideline Reporting with Live Camera & Player Interviews
• Live Game Play by Play Announcing
• Internet Streaming
• Developing Special Event Features
• Experience in Operating Professional Camera and Lighting Equipment
• Editing and Graphic Development Experience
• Post Game Media Recaps and Coverage
• Supervised by Experienced Media Professionals

Video Highlights of the 2012 GBSL Sports Casting Team in Las Vegas:

Full GBSL Minor League Championship Game:

Registration Information:

The Media & Broadcast Development Camp requires only (8) total participants and two participants have already been selected. The selected is based on the media background evaluation of each participant. Applicants who have the ability to do film editing, play by play announcing and sideline reporting will be given priority. All selected registrants are required to pay the $495 registration fee, hotel expenses and travel costs to Las Vegas. The GBSL invests all registration revenue into the broadcast production of the event. The GBSL has a special deal at the Texas Station Casino Hotel for all participants that cost $37 dollars per weekday nights and $75 dollars on Friday and Saturday. We advise that all media & broadcast camp participants share a room and our staff will assist in the arrangement. The GBSL provides transportation to all participants from the airport to the Texas Station Hotel and shuttle transportation between the hotel and venue for practices and games. All participants are required to be in Las Vegas on July 8th -14th. All participants will be featured and have access to their individual demo reel of full game play by play broadcast.

Attendees are required to sign off on their highlight reel to acknowledge that the content is for sole purposes of self-promotion and not for sale or distribution. This content will be distributed as GBSL property only to be used in personal job related marketing and to promote the 2013 GBSL event.

GBSL Registration Link:
All applicants are required to registered for consideration and are required to pay the camp fee only after they have been selected as a participant. After each applicant has registered for the event they are required to send the resume, cover letter and demo reels to

For additional information or consideration please contact our office immediately:

Darryl Reshaw
Global Basketball Inc.
Executive Director
USA: Tel: 877-209-2220


  1. Tim Donohoo

    July 1, 2013 at 9:35 pm

    I am very interested in being one of the participants in the development camp. I attended the Ohio Center for Broadcasting in Denver and I have play by play experience in the National Wheelchair Basketball Association National Tournaments in 2011 and 2012.

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