Eligibility Concerns In Recruiting!!!



Recruiting is one of the many steps to having a great program. Although there are other aspects in to becoming a great team, coaches must be careful when signing players with their recruiting class. Recruiting is really tough already, and getting the best players to come to your program can be hard, but should coaches be hesitant when recruiting? Most coaches when recruiting look for high character guys, that display great teamwork and ability to make everyone around them better, and other coaches just look for the best players no matter what baggage they may bring, and this needs to stop. Consider recruiting a player who shows that he is a loose cannon and he doesn’t display the type that works hard to become the best, would you recruit him if he was a Top 10 player. In many instances the answer is yes, and that causes programs who recruit these kids, to eventually having issues with them on their campus.

Yesterday the Florida Gators announced that their top recruit Chris Walker who out of high school was the 12th overall player according to ESPN rankings, and was to be an immediate star to help them possibly win a NCAA Championship would be ruled ineligible. The problem with Chris Walker was many schools like Kentucky, Louisville, Kansas, North Carolina, and Ohio State were also recruiting Walker, but as those schools knew Chris Walker had issues with schooling, and instead of taking a chance of offering him a scholarship and having him be ruled ineligible they passed and moved onto another player who wasn’t as talented.

I feel it is any colleges’ responsibility to start researching, just like the top tier teams do, and look more into all of the recruits that their school is recruiting. Colleges should wait until a transcript or some type of report is given to them about the process of that student athlete, before that college  offers them a scholarship. This not only would save a school like Florida Gators who now have one less player, but also would show the recruits that school is important, and if you don’t put the work into the classroom then no school will have interest.

Maybe the Florida Gators will learn their lesson and next time wonder why a TOP 15 player in the class isn’t being offered by their peers.

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